Research Groups at Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory

group kofi 2016

Makinwa group: Precision Analog


Research fields:

  • Precision analog circuits
  • Sigma-delta ADCs
  • Low-offset amplifiers
  • Voltage and frequency references
  • Sensor interface circuits
  • Smart sensors

paddy group 2 w800

French group:  Biomedical Instrumentation


Research fields: 

  • Biomedical sensor systems
  • Flexible sensors
  • MEMS integration
  • Environmental measurement systems



Theuwissen group: CMOS Image Sensor


Research fields:

  • Solid-State Imaging
           - Fundamentals aspects of CMOS image sensors
           - Low noise CMOS sensors
           - Low power CMOS sensors

reinoud group

Wolffenbuttel group: Integrated Micro-systems


Research fields:

  • Optical micro-systems
           - Microspectrometers: UV, visible and Infrared
  • Mechanical micro-systems
           - Gas density and viscosity sensors
  • Gas thermal conductivity sensors
  • On-chip Metrology

IMG 1055 800

Bossche group: Bio-devices


Research fields:

  • Micro- and nanofluidics
         - Technology
         - Devices
  • Packaging
         - Sensor packaging
         - System in Package (SIP)
  • Reliability


stoyan group 800

Nihtianov group: Industrial Electronic Instrumentation


Research fields: 

  • Smart sensor solutions for industrial applications
  • High-performance autonomous sensor systems
  • Precision front-end electronics
  • Capacitive, inductive  and optical sensors
  • Impedance sensors


g mp 2017

Pertijs group: Ultrasound ASICs & Energy-Efficient Sensors


Research fields:

  • Integrated circuits for medical ultrasound
  • Energy-efficient sensor interfaces
  • Environmental sensors (humidity, pH, CO2)
  • Calibration and self-calibration techniques