List of courses

The group is involved in the following courses:

EE-BD Biomedical Devices (BD) profile (120 EC)

A profile in our MSc-EE program dedicated to biomedical devices. Biomedical devices are used for medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. They can be fixed, portable, wearable, implantable and injectable. They are active and thus embed electronics, computing and software

EE1C31 Amplifiers and instrumentation (5 EC)

This course introduces the basics of electronic circuits for processing and amplification of information-carrying signals, and the basics of electronic instrumentation.

EE1L21 EPO-2: Smart Robot Challenge (5 EC)

Build, program and operate a functional autonomous mobile robot

EE4520 Analog CMOS design I (3 EC)

Design of basic analog circuits in modern CMOS technology

EE4525 Analog CMOS design II (3 EC)

EE4575 Electronics for quantum computation (5 EC)

Concepts of quantum computing with focus on practical implementation for a quantum computer

EE4C08 Measurement and instrumentation (5 EC)

A broad introduction to measurement and instrumentation systems

EE4C10 Analog Circuit Design Fundamentals (5 EC)

ET4127 Themes in Biomedical Electronics (4 EC)

BioMEMS, biosensors, bioelectronics, ultrasound, microfluidics, wavefield imaging in monitoring, diagnosis and treatment

ET4260 Microsystem integration (4 EC)

Fundamental and practical aspects of integrated microsystems in silicon

ET4277 Microelectronics reliability (4 EC)

Reliability issues involved in electronic components and system

ET4278 Over-sampled data converters (4 EC)

Design of sigma-delta modulators for communication and instrumentation

ET4369 Nyquist-rate data converters (4 EC)

Architectures for Nyquist-rate ADCs

ET4382 Introduction to power conversion technology (3 EC)

This course teaches you how to design class D audio amplifiers, inductive and capacitive DC-DC converters in CMOS technology.

ET4390 Imaging sensors (5 EC)

Architectures and techniques for system-on-chip imaging devices

TM12001 Advanced Signal Acquisition (5 EC)

Instrumentation for technical medicine